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Zetuvit Sterile 20x20cm (Packet 15)

Zetuvit Sterile 20x20cm (Packet 15)



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Carton includes 7 packets.

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Zetuvit Sterile 20x20cm (Packet 15) is a sterile multi-layered absorbent dressing pad tailored for effective exudate management.

Encased in a soft, non-woven hydrophobic polyamide fibre, Zetuvits inner surface boasts high capillary activity, guiding wound exudate into the central core of bleached cellulose fluff. The backing layer, crafted from hydrophobic cellulose, permits air permeability while repelling moisture to curb strike-through.

Embrace the benefits of Zetuvit, including high absorbency to mitigate maceration risks, swift capillary action for reduced dressing changes, and a low-adherence design for patient comfort during and between changes. Trust Zetuvit for advanced wound care, ensuring optimal healing conditions.

SPECIAL ORDER "Non-Returnable"


  • Size: 20x20cm
  • Quantity: 15 dressings
  • High absorbency reduces the risk of maceration to the wound and surrounding tissue
  • Capillary action quickly absorbs fluid away from the wound into the central core, reducing the frequency of dressing changes
  • Low adherence to the wound, making it comfortable for patients during and between dressing changes


  • Polyamide fibre
  • Bleached cellulose fluff
  • Hydrophobic cellulose
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