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Empowering NDIS Participants with Continence & Healthcare Products

Topcat Healthcare, established by the founders of the specialist continence clinic Conquip in 1987, is a family-owned business dedicated to delivering the finest continence solutions. Proudly registered as a NDIS provider, Topcat Healthcare has evolved since its 2017 inception with a mission to transform continence underwear. Today, our offerings extend beyond just underwear, featuring a broad range of incontinence products from industry-leading brands renowned for their quality and design. Supported by a vast network across Australia, our dedicated team provides knowledgeable advice and a diverse product range, from nappies to medical supplies.

  • Budgeting

    Familiarise yourself with your approved NDIS core consumable budget.

  • Shopping

    Browse and choose the products tailored to your needs, then add to your cart.

  • Payment

    At checkout, if you're using an NDIS plan for payment, choose this option and provide your NDIS

  • Finalising

    After submitting the form, proceed to finalise your order. The Topcat team will process and ship your items upon plan approval.

Who is eligible for the NDIS?

The NDIS is accessible solely for individuals with disabilities resulting from permanent impairments. Those believing they may qualify for the NDIS can visit the website or call to start your application.

How are NDIS plans structured?

Each NDIS plan is tailored to an individual's specific needs. Funding for your consumable products is nominated in the CORE funding of your plan. This funding may or may not be of a "stated" amount. Funding in the CORE section of your plan is flexible to use as required and is reasonable and necessary under NDIS guidelines unless it is "stated $ amount." This funding must then be used for the allocated purpose only.

Learn more about NDIS funded continence products

For a deeper understanding of the NDIS and continence products relevant to your NDIS plan, it's recommended to consult your
local continence clinic, LAC, Plan Manager, and/or Support Coordinator. Additionally, you can visit the NDIS website for further insights.