Sayco Urocare Deluxe Upper Leg Strap XL (Each)

Sayco Urocare Deluxe Upper Leg Strap XL (Each)



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Discover unparalleled comfort and convenience with the Sayco Urocare Deluxe Upper Leg Strap in Extra Large size – the ultimate solution for securing your Urocare® latex leg bag. No more hassles, no more discomfort; experience a new era in leg bag strap design that prioritises your well-being.

Embrace the ease of keeping things in their place as you explore the simplicity of attaching your Urocare® latex leg bag with these innovative fabric straps. The unique design of these straps revolutionises your experience by evenly distributing pressure along the entire length, offering a significant enhancement in comfort compared to traditional latex leg straps. Say goodbye to the common issues of bruising, pressure sores, pulled hair, and circulation restriction caused by rubber straps.

The self-gripping fastener adds a layer of adaptability, allowing engagement anywhere along the length of the strap body. This means a fully adjustable fit tailored to your individual requirements, ensuring maximum comfort throughout the day.


  • Size: Extra Large (Adjustable)

Product Features

  • Innovative fabric strap design for unrivalled comfort
  • Self-gripping fastener for fully adjustable fit
  • Even pressure distribution along the strap
  • Reduces the risk of bruising, pressure sores, and circulation restriction


  • Crafted from high-quality fabric for superior comfort and durability
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