Sayco Strobus Sterile Leg Bag 750ml 30cm Inlet Tubing, T-Tap + 2 straps (Box 10)

Sayco Strobus Sterile Leg Bag 750ml 30cm Inlet Tubing, T-Tap + 2 straps (Box 10)



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Discover the epitome of healthcare innovation with the Sayco Strobus Sterile Leg Bag 750ml 30cm Inlet Tubing, T-Tap + 2 straps (Box 10). This is more than just a medical accessory; its a promise of comfort, simplicity, and care in every step of your healthcare journey. The high-quality leg straps, thoughtfully included in every box, redefine patient comfort, ensuring you can move through your day effortlessly. The unique Strobus graduated adaptor simplifies the attachment process, effortlessly connecting to condom drainage, leg bags, sheaths, or catheters. With a generous 750ml capacity, sterile design, and the added convenience of the T-Tap, the Strobus Leg Bag is a beacon of healthcare excellence. Elevate your comfort. Explore the Strobus Sterile Leg Bag today.

Experience healthcare like never before with the Sayco Strobus Sterile Leg Bag. The premium leg straps arent just accessories; theyre your allies in comfort. The Strobus graduated adaptor brings a touch of simplicity to your routine, making it a breeze to use. Its time to redefine your healthcare experience with the Strobus Sterile Leg Bag—care that moves with you.


  • Size: 750ml
  • Quantity: Box of 10
  • Inlet Tubing Length: 30cm

Product Features

  • Sterile design for enhanced healthcare safety
  • Generous 750ml capacity for extended use
  • Unique Strobus graduated adaptor for easy attachment
  • T-Tap for added convenience during drainage


  • Crafted with high-quality, sterile materials to prioritise patient safety and comfort
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