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Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Pants (Grey) Age 6-8 (122-128)

Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Pants (Grey) Age 6-8 (122-128)



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Step into a world of confidence and dry nights with Pjama Bedwetting Treatment Pants. Tailored for children in the crucial age bracket of 6-8 years (122-128 cm), these grey-hued marvels are more than just clothing; they're a source of protection and care. Bid farewell to bedtime worries and embark on a journey towards reassurance for both parents and their young ones.

Imagine the peace of mind that comes with Pjama Treatment Pants. The innovative Pjama sensor seamlessly integrates into the pants, complemented by the Pjama Bedwetting Alarm. No more sudden disruptions; the alarm promptly alerts you in the event of an accident. For added discretion, connect the alarm to your smartphone, providing subtle signals or vibrations. Pjama Treatment Pants redefines bedtime for children, offering not just dry nights but a sense of security and independence.

SPECIAL ORDER "Non-Returnable"


  • Size: Age 6-8 (122-128)
  • Colour: Stylish grey
  • Quantity: Individually tailored
  • Fit: Designed for optimal comfort

Product Features

  • Smart Sensor Technology: Pjama sensor for precise alerts
  • Discreet Alarm Options: Choose between audible alerts or connect to your smartphone for subtle signals
  • Comfortable Protection: Soft tencel, breathable waterproof membrane, and superabsorbent material for comprehensive care
  • Oeko-Tex Certified Fabrics: Ensuring safety and peace of mind


  • Crafted from a thoughtful blend of materials:
  • Soft Tencel for a gentle touch
  • Breathable waterproof membrane for added protection
  • Superabsorbent material ensures effective containment
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