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MoliCare® Premium Form - 5 Drops 1662ml (Packet 32)

MoliCare® Premium Form - 5 Drops 1662ml (Packet 32)



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Carton includes 4 packets.

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MoliCare® Premium Form - 5 Drops 1662ml (Packet 32) are high-performance incontinence pads designed specifically for men with moderate to severe urinary and fecal incontinence. Its innovative absorbent core provides exceptional dryness and odour control, while its comfortable and discreet design ensures all-day comfort and security.

Experience unparalleled dryness and odour control with our unique 3-layer absorbent core technology that swiftly locks away fluids, keeping your skin dry and preventing irritation. Say goodbye to unpleasant odours with the aid of superabsorbent polymers that effectively neutralise unwanted smells. The pH-balancing citrate layer further promotes skin health by maintaining the skins optimal pH level.

Enjoy a superior fit and comfort with elastic seams that adapt to your bodys contours. The breathable material allows for air circulation, preventing skin irritation and keeping you feeling fresh. A convenient wetness indicator guides you on when to change the pad, ensuring optimal hygiene and peace of mind.


  • Quantity: 32 pads
  • Absorbency: 1662ml (5 Drops)
  • 64% faster urine absorption rate for a drier and more comfortable experience
  • 3-layer absorbent core technology
  • neutralise unwanted odours
  • Breathable material that prevents skin irritation
  • Wetness indicator to guide you when to change the pad
  • Shaped to the body for a discreet fit


  • Soft, breathable material
  • Unique absorbent core technology
  • Superabsorbent polymers
  • pH-balancing citrate
  • Elastic seams
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