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Modern Handspray + High Pressure Hose + Wall Bracket

Modern Handspray + High Pressure Hose + Wall Bracket



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Modern New Install Kit is your all-in-one solution for a premium bathroom upgrade. This comprehensive kit includes essential components such as 1x Stainless Steel Handspray, 1x 1.2m High Pressure (1500KPA) Flexible Hose, 1x Handspray Wall Holder, 1x Screw, 1x Dual Check Back Flow, 1x Water Diverter, 1x Braided Hose, and 1x Mini Pressure Limiter Valve (smallest size in AU).

Hand spray models are made using strong chrome-plated brass. Theyre way sturdier than the plastic ones, which can break easily. Handspray products excel at managing high water pressure in Australian homes due to their all-metal construction (both internal and external parts). They are tested to handle pressures over 1500 KPA, and they got the thumbs up from Australian standards.

The Handspray system is recognised as the top bidet spray system in the market today, known for its exceptional cleanliness, attractive design, and superior construction. It’s incredibly easy to install, with all the necessary parts provided. Just grab a simple spanner, and youre good to go. The water diverter is a cool feature that makes using it easy, and the special tap fits perfectly under your cistern. It even has a safety feature to make sure you can turn it off easily.


  • Size Quantity: One comprehensive set
  • Absorbency: Efficient water diverter with 1500 KPA capacity
  • Dual Check Back Flow for enhanced safety
  • Mini Pressure Limiter Valve for high-pressure water areas
  • Full metal construction for unparalleled durability
  • Easy installation with a specially designed flexible hose
  • Unique safety lever for intuitive handspray operation
  • Material: High-quality chrome-plated brass, Stainless steel handspray, Braided hose for added strength and flexibility
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