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Hos-Togel Fes Odor Control Non Toxic 500gm

Hos-Togel Fes Odor Control Non Toxic 500gm



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Hos-Togel Fes Odor Control Non Toxic 500gm is a pink soft gel-like substance room deodorant that defuses into the room and neutralises toxic malodours, leaving the room pleasantly smelling.

It works 24/7, attacking malodours, cleaning the air, and leaving a fresh-smelling environment. It can be used in nursing homes, oncology, palliative care, pathology laboratories, operating theatres, forensic and mortuary centres, chemical storage areas, and anywhere prone to malodours. This product is also effective in removing odours from fungating wounds and incontinence, as well as musky rooms and malodours in constricted situations such as caravans, boats, and bathrooms. It is also pet and animal-friendly and will help with malodours from litter trays.

To use: Simply place the opened whole tub inside the room away from draughts and windows. In a single room, one jar should last up to three months.


  • Size: 500gm
  • Quantity: 1 jar
  • Neutralises toxic malodours, not just mask them
  • Works 24/7 to clean the air and leave a fresh-smelling environment
  • Effective for a wide range of malodours, including fungating wounds, incontinence, musky rooms, and pet litter trays
  • Pet and animal-friendly
  • Long-lasting, with one jar lasting up to three months in a single room


  • Soft Gel Substance
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