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Hollister Advance Plus Pocket IC 12Ch 40cm (Box 25)

Hollister Advance Plus Pocket IC 12Ch 40cm (Box 25)



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Elevate your catheterization experience with the Hollister Advance Plus Pocket™ IC 12Ch 40cm. This touch-free intermittent catheter redefines convenience, offering secure and discreet use with its full-length design. The freedom to carry and store this catheter effortlessly enhances your lifestyle, making catheterization an uncomplicated part of your routine.

Embrace the simplicity of compact packaging, ensuring the Hollister Advance Plus Pocket™ is easily stored and carried. This full-size catheter introduces a protective tip, guarding against bacteria within the initial 15 mm of the distal urethra. The integrated 1500-ml collection bag, complemented by a large handle, not only facilitates catheter handling but also shields it from potential contamination.

Take control of your catheter lubrication with the user-regulated gel reservoir, eliminating the need for additional supplies. Smooth eyelets guarantee trouble-free insertion, while the ring cap preserves the protective tips cleanliness until use. Crafted without natural rubber latex and featuring phthalates-free PVC material, this catheter prioritizes your well-being.


  • Size: 12Ch 40cm
  • Quantity: Box of 25

Product Features

  • Compact packaging for easy storage and portability
  • Protective tip for bacterial shielding
  • Integrated 1500-ml collection bag with a large handle
  • User-regulated gel reservoir for lubrication control
  • Smooth eyelets for trouble-free insertion
  • Ring cap for tip protection


  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Phthalates-free PVC material
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