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Filter for Coway BA08 Series (recommend to replace filter every 6 Months)

Filter for Coway BA08 Series (recommend to replace filter every 6 Months)



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Water Filter for Coway BA08 Series is the “maintenance supplement” to ensure a hygienic and worry-free continuous use of your Coway bidets.

According to a scientific study, fail to change your filter will risk clogs or leaks in your bidet as the filter degrades over time. A scenario wisely avoided by adhering to the manufacturers recommended maximum lifespan of 2 years. It is why the Replacement MF Water Filter is your ticket to sustained cleanliness and protection.

Designed for compatibility with BA07 & BA08 Bidet Toilet Seats, this filter brings a robust shield against germs and viruses. The filter comprises of two parts where the first one is a sediment filter catching waterborne particles and preventing clogs from your bidet; while the other one is a nano silver filter with ceramic balls to banish bacteria, germs, and viruses ensures the water will be pure and clean for your health. The benefits extend beyond keeping internal parts germ-free; its a shield against the nasties on your person.

Water Filter for Coway BA08 Series usually lasts for 6-8 months, therefore a routine filter change during the due period is recommended.


  • Use for: Coway BA08 Bidets
  • Quantity: 1 unit
  • Maximum Flow: 3L/min
  • Maximum Pressure: 0.52 Mpa
  • Filter Lifespan: Germ and virus protection that lasts 6 months
  • Reduces UTI recurrence.
  • Sediment filter prevents clogs, while the nanosilver filter removes bacteria.
  • Helps maintain the bidet seat’s longevity.
  • Materials: Sediment filter and Nano silver filter with ceramic balls
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