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Eco Bidet EB-S300 Retrofit Bidet (Regular)

Eco Bidet EB-S300 Retrofit Bidet (Regular)



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Eco Bidet EB-S300 Retrofit Bidet (Regular) brings luxury to your bathroom without breaking the bank. At an unbeatable price, this bidet offers top-notch features that redefine your bathroom experience.

Ensuring a seamless fit for a variety of toilets, the S300 ensures a perfect fit, with Size 1 requiring 480mm or more from the cistern to the front of the bowl and Size 2 needing 320mm or more inside the bowl from front to back. It's versatile and adaptable, fitting a wide range of toilets, with additional kits available for different setups.

Eco Bidet EB-S300 Retrofit Bidet is certified, guaranteeing safety and quality. When you unpack the bidet unit, you receive the following: a water filter, a t-piece connector, a braided hose (to link the water tap to the cistern), and a standard installation kit with top-quality components.

The S300 features a rear and feminine wash, a toilet paper-saving dryer, a warm seat for cold winter mornings, and a water-saving air bubble infusion to achieve better cleaning. Additional perks include customisable nozzle positions, a child-friendly option for gentle washes, automatic self-cleaning before and after use, water pulse and massage settings, and a quick-release function for easy cleaning underneath.


  • Size Quantity: Two Sizes for Versatile Toilet
  • Compatibility (Size 1: 480mm, Size 2: 320mm)
  • Hygienic Wash Options
  • Warm Seat Comfort
  • Efficient Water Usage with Air Bubble Infusion
    customizable Nozzle Positions
    Child-Friendly Design
  • Automatic Self-Cleaning
  • Water Pulse and Massage Settings
  • Quick-Release Function for Easy Cleaning
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