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Coloplast X-Flow Prostatic Catheter Hydro Silicone 3-Way Dufour Tip 42cm 50-80ml (Box 5)

Coloplast X-Flow Prostatic Catheter Hydro Silicone 3-Way Dufour Tip 42cm 50-80ml (Box 5)



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Coloplast X-Flow Prostatic catheter Hydro silicone 3-way Dufour tip 42cm 50-80ml (Box 5) stands as a dependable choice for post-operative care.

Crafted from soft and biocompatible silicone, it minimises the risk of latex allergies and ensures patient comfort. The 3-way design with a Dufour tip prevents blockage, maintaining effective drainage.

Whether for hospital use or home care, the X-Flow Prostatic Catheter offers reliability, comfort, and peace of mind for patients in need. Its large bevel and wide irrigation channels prevent blockage, while the closed round tip facilitates introducer placement when needed. Stiff walls aid clot evacuation, ensuring optimal performance and safety. Ideal for those seeking quality and comfort during recovery.


  • Absorbent Capacity:  50-80ml
  • Quantity: 5 catheters per box
  • Size: CH18, 42cm length, CH20, 42cm length, CH22, 42cm length, CH24, 42cm length
  • Biocompatible Silicone: Gentle on skin, reduces allergic reactions.
  • Clear Body: Easy monitoring of fluid flow.
  • Dufour Tip: Precise placement for patient comfort.
  • Wide Channels: Prevents blockage, ensures excellent drainage.


  • Silicone
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