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Bbraun Diveen® Small 5P (Box 5)

Bbraun Diveen® Small 5P (Box 5)



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Bbraun Diveen® Small 5P (Box 5) is a discreet and comfortable intravaginal device designed for adult women experiencing Stress or Mixed Urinary Incontinence.

This innovative device offers mechanical support to the anterior vaginal wall below the bladder neck, effectively managing incontinence issues. Clinically proven, Diveen® significantly reduces leakage episodes by 68% and improves urinary symptoms, scoring 78/100 on a Visual Analogue Scale.

Its non-surgical, conservative approach ensures safety and efficacy, enhancing the emotional well-being of users. Diveen® is 100% discreet, akin to a tampon, ensuring privacy and confidence.

Easy to handle, insert, and remove, it provides comfort for at least 80% of users. Take control of your life with Diveen® and embrace freedom from urinary incontinence.


  • Size: Small
  • Quantity: 5 per box
  • Absorbency: Not applicable
  • Clinically proven efficacy
  • Reduces the number of leakage episodes
  • Improves urinary symptoms
  • Conservative, safe, and effective management solution
  • Discreet Design: Like a Tampon
  • Comfortable Usage: 80% Users Comfortable
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