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Bbraun Cystofix SG Set Int Bal CH14 (Box 5)

Bbraun Cystofix SG Set Int Bal CH14 (Box 5)



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Bbraun Cystofix SG Set Int Bal CH14 (Box 5) effortless and secure suprapubic catheterization is at your grasp.

In each box of 5, youll find a superior solution based on the trusted Seldinger technique. This set boasts an 18g puncture needle (1.3 mm), remarkably thinner than conventional SPC trocars and cannulas, ensuring minimal discomfort during insertion.

The package includes a long-handle scalpel, a versatile dilator ranging from CH10 to CH16 for personalised sizing, and a silicone catheter with an integrated low-profile balloon, simplifying both insertion and removal. The catheters design reduces the risk of cuffing and allows repeated replacements over extended periods.

Additionally, it includes a flexible-tip Seldinger guide wire, a spigot, an 18g puncture needle of 12cm length, and syringes for balloon inflation and anesthetic injection, ensuring a comprehensive and hassle-free catheterization experience. Upgrade your procedure with Cystofix SG, providing safety, ease, and lasting comfort.


  • Catheter Size (CH): 14
  • Thin 18g Needle
  • Wide Size Range (CH10-CH16)
  • Low-Profile Balloon
  • Flexible Seldinger Wire
  • Materials: Silicone (Catheter), Seldinger (Guide Wire), Placeholder .
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